The I Will Tell International Film Festival announces its theme for 2019

According to UNESCO, on average, every five days a journalist is killed for bringing information to the public. Here in the UK, the recent attack on journalist Owen Jones is a symbol of the emboldening of the far right and increasing attack on our freedom and fundamental values.

At a time when our politicians are struggling to resolve difficult questions, creativity and social innovation may be one of the most important tools in forging a way forward to a better future.

The I Will Tell International Film Festival, now in its 13th year, is one such tool showcasing powerful award-winning independent films from around the world from filmmakers who even risk their lives to bring some of these stories to light. Each screening is followed by inspirational post-screening discussions with filmmakers and subject matter experts.

This year the theme is the Fight for the Future. The festival starts with Ava DuVernay’s compelling When They See Us followed by a Q&A with one of the Exonerated Five, Mr Raymond Santana. The other 30+ films cover issues from the perspective of those who use the fire of adversity to light the way for the rest of us; such as the real reason behind the Rohingya genocide, the inspiration of the Tibetan Olympics, issues concerning the environment, mental health, race, faith and overcoming adversity.

Festival director Jenny Lee said “Filmmaking and storytelling are, almost paradoxically, one of the most significant forms of truth telling available to us today. It is a great honour for us to showcase the work of these talented filmmakers and to witness the profound engagement and challenge they present to the audience to keep fighting for truth, for hope and for love.”

The festival runs from 30 August to 09 September at Subterania in Ladbroke Grove and the I Will Tell promise is that no one leaves the festival the same.

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